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The Center of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition (CICN) realizes human studies to evaluate the effects of behavior, food supplements, particular food products or alimentation on health, on biological parameters and/or on subject perception and receptivity.


The Center of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition (CICN) is a platform from the Université catholique de Louvain which regroup several scientific experts in the fields of eating behavior, exercise physiology, metabolism, gut microbiota and sensory analyzes. This centralization of the competences allow us to propose human study in Nutrition with a pluridisciplinary approach.


Two new publications for results obtained at the CICN on :

- the beneficial effect of iron supplementation in the context of physical performance for regular blood donnors

- the characterisation of chitin-glucan fibers fermentation by gut microbiota

Professor Nathalie Delzenne answers to all your questions regarding "l'alimentation: que réclame notre corps?"

"Matière Grise" program - Professor Olivier Luminet explains the role of attention and emotions in out attraction for fat and sweet food

The health psychologist team of the CICN (Professor Olivier Luminet, Professor Stephan Van Den Broucke and Valérie Broers) has demonstrated the interest of nudging to promote the consumption of vegetables rich in prebiotics.