The Center of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition realizes human studies to evaluate the effects of behavior, food supplements, particular food products or alimentation on health, on biological parameters and/or on subject perception and receptivity


Therefore, the CICN is a place of expertise for the conduct of scientifically validated human studies which respects the regulatory and good clinical practice requirements.

The CICN is unique in federation Wallonie-Bruxelles. It is the only clinical study center in nutrition which assemble so many specialties : behavior, metabolism, exercise physiology, sensory analyses. Thanks to the collaboration between different groups with various research field, we can propose at the CICN a wide range of analyses, which are described in the "expertise" tab.

Thus, the studies realized within the CICN can, for example:

  • To test the health effects of food products and/or particular alimentation in the context of disorders or pathologies prevention such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatic disease, stress, insomnia,...
  • To test the effects of food products and/or particular alimentation on sport performance
  • Bioavailability studies
  • To study consumer receptivity and preference in terms of food choice 
  • To allow the development of new product with similar sensory characteristics while improving nutritional pattern 

For this purpose, we take care of every steps involved in clinical studies, depending on your needs and following all regulatory requirements, EFSA’s guidelines and good clinical practices:

  • Protocole and folder submission to the Local Ethical Committee and, if needed, to Competent Authority;
  • Recruitment, subjects follow up, harvesting samples ;
  • Coordination between partners ;
  • Data management, statistical analysis et results interpretation